Jacket for 'Law and Peace. The BabyBarista Files'


UK - Bloomsbury

Law and Peace. The BabyBarista Files

By Tim Kevan

Published May 2011

The battle for tenancy is over but the war has just begun.

Babybarista has learned the hard way that dirty tricks and a faulty moral compass are essential items in a young lawyer’s briefcase. Now, as the newest tenant in chambers and under the watchful eye of OldRuin, he must try to keep his nose (and his wig) clean.

But when SlipperySlope, an unscrupulous solicitor, offers him a quick way out of his financial difficulties, BabyBarista soon becomes embroiled in blackmail, dodgy share-dealing and the dark arts of litigation.

With his old adversary TopFirst out for revenge, and the chance to be awarded a coveted ‘red bag’ at stake, BabyB must use all the tricks of his trade to extricate himself from his legal quagmire, win a seemingly impossible case and somehow convince his best friend to fall in love with him.

Chronicling the hilarious and sometimes almost unbelievable absurdities of the modern bar and peopled by a cast of unforgettable characters, Law & Peace is a funny, fast-paced Machiavellian romp through the legal world.