Jacket for 'Left Out'


UK: Bodley Head

Left Out

By Gabriel Pogrund Patrick Maguire

Published Sep 2020

Co-written by Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick MaguireLeft Out is blistering narrative exposé of infighting, skulduggery and chaos in Corbyn’s Labour party.

Left Out draws on exceptional access throughout the Labour party and Corbyn’s inner circle to reveal in full and for the first time the extraordinary story of Labour’s tumultuous transformation in the last three years.

A gripping narrative account of the party’s journey from Corbyn’s zenith, immediately after the general election of 2017, to its humbling at the election of 2019 and a new leadership contest, Left Out reveals a party riven by infighting, factionalism and crisis. By turns shocking, farcical and tragic, the book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand one of the most remarkable periods in the history of the British Left.