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Lewis Percy

By Anita Brookner


He discovered that the way to deal with this life of his, in which everything was unresolved, was to behave as if he were a tourist in a foreign city.

Lewis Percy is an innocent and an idealist.  But the death of his mother leaves him alone and exposed to a world that he had previously been sheltered from.  Unsure whether it is love or companionship that he seeks, he finds it difficult to commit to anything but his job at the library.  Surrounded by women who think they have his best interests at heart, Lewis wonders if he will ever break free from the shackles of expectation.  If only someone would help him find the courage he needs to face the world…


Tender, cruel, funny and sad.

Daily Mail



Time Out


Page after page brings observations whose classic felicity makes one almost cry out with delight.



A solemn comedy of high order.

The Guardian