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UK - Victor Gollancz

Machiavelli’s Children

By Edward Pearce

Published Jan 2010

In this book, Pearce applies Machiavelli’s notions, as expressed in The Prince, to our own princes: General Franco denies Hitler gratitude for military help; General Sharon’s army makes opportunistic war in the Lebanon like Louis XII in Lombardy and, having as little political underpinning, he fails as conclusively; Mussolini avoids hatred and contempt with brilliant showmanship until fighting on the losing side he finds both; Margaret Thatcher clings blindly to the Poll Tax and dies in its embrace when blameable lieutenants stand handy for blame-taking.

Some things change out of sight, others hardly at all, but contemporary statesman, rough trade and smooth, will all be better understood in the light of Machiavelli’s cool-eyed realism. Machiavelli lives.