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How to Make a Difference. The Definitive Guide from the World’s Most Effective Activists

By Kate Robertson Ella Robertson

Published Aug 2019


How to Make a Difference is a practical roadmap to modern day activism created by the powerful and imaginative minds behind the world’s biggest campaigns including Colin Kaepernick, Emma Watson, Sir Bob Geldof, Fatima Bhutto, Black Lives Matter, Doutzen Kroes, Yeonmi Park, Terry Crews, Cher, Matt Damon, Paul Polman and Gina Miller; collectively they combine the latest models of thinking, their real life experiences, radical techniques and effective advice in order to help incentivize everyone and anyone who has ever wondered, how can I help?

From How to Change the Law, How to Protest, How to Use Social Media Effectively, How to End a Problem Forever and How to Change a Big Organization, this book educates as much as it encourages and informs us all to see the world as something that can and must be changed. This book will help you find an active role in positive, necessary activism and meaningful change on every scale across the globe. The only book to pool together the biggest names in activism and showcase how they have used their voices, their networks and their abilities to change the world around us.

How to Make a Difference speaks to a generation who are switching selfie-sticks for protest placards and will showcase how everyone has the ability to be the change they want to see in the world.

An exceptionally relevant book for this age of activism.
Bob Geldof