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UK - HarperCollins
Poland - Rebis

Master of Rome

By John Stack

Published Mar 2011

Although he is Commander of the Roman fleet, Atticus is regarded with reserve and suspicion by both the legionaries and the elitist Roman establishment. Prejudice and nepotism are rife, and Atticus worries about his desire to succeed in such a world.

But he has little time to contemplate his position, as the Carthaginians are once more on the attack. Their superior sailing skills and strength, together with the Roman admiral’s foolhardy attitude towards the seasonal Mediterranean storms, cause appalling losses to the Roman ships. But it is Atticus who is found to be responsible, and so disgraced before the Senate in Rome.

With his reputation in tatters, Atticus must return to battle the resurgent Carthaginian navy. But he is led by a man determined to complete the annihilation of the Roman ships, with a personal score to settle with Atticus. The battle that ensues will determine the survival of the whole empire.