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Memoirs of a Private Man

By Winston Graham

Published Jan 2010

Winston Graham at last found the opportunity to turn his pen to a subject he found least attractive: himself. Consigned to his safe for years, the result is a remarkable book, rich in charm and anecdote.

The memoir follows the rise of a delicate Manchester lad from the isolation of Cornwall and creative anonymity to writerly fame and the glittering London film scene. Its pages are peopled by luminaries and by a vivacious circle of friends, many of whom have found their way as characters into Graham’s novels. His was a life of great success, yet he never lost sight of its foundations: his love of his wife Jean, companion for fifty years, and his love of words. Memoirs of a Private Man offers an insight into the unassuming side of the writer whose bestselling novels and their TV adaptations have won over the hearts of millions. Fans of his novels will be thrilled not only to know more about their genesis and inspiration, but also to meet the private man behind them, and to come away feeling as if they had spent an evening reminiscing in his delightful company.

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