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Mockingbird Songs

By RJ Ellory

Published May 2015

Prison changes a man. Sometimes in ways you can see. Usually in ways you can’t.

The only reason Henry Quinn survived three years inside was because of Evan Riggs, a one-time country singer, one-time killer. On the day of his release, Henry promises Evan he will find his estranged daughter and deliver a letter.

A free man, Henry heads to the town where Evan grew up and where his brother Carson now resides as sheriff. There’s no sign of the girl and her uncles claims to know nothing of her whereabouts. But Henry isn’t about to give up.

As Carson’s behaviour towards him becomes ever more threatening, Henry realises that there are dark secrets buried at the heart of this quiet town. What terrible thing drove the brothers apart, and what really happened to the missing girl?

Tense, gripping and heart-rending, Mockingbird Songs is the new thriller from the bestselling author of A Quiet Belief in Angels.

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