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Mortimer and Arabel

By Joan Aiken

Published Jan 2010

One of many books to feature Arabel and her chaotic raven Mortimer. All the neighbours agree that Arabel and her pet raven Mortimer have a lot to answer for when their gardens are sabotaged, only days before the judging of the Rumbury Town Garden Gala. But Mortimer isn’t at all interested in gardens, no: it’s his pocket – the black and white check one Arabel made for him to keep his combs in – that concerns him. It’s been stolen, along with Mr Coughtrack’s garden model-railway stations and all of the Townswomen’s Guild’s highly important knitting patterns, not to mention the security cassette tape which opens the safe-deposit room at the Town Hall…

Mortimer is as determined to rescue his pocket as Arabel is to save her trouble-prone pet from the authorities, and unravel the mystery behind the most unusual theft there’s ever been.

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