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Mother Loves Me

By Abby Davies

Published Sep 2020

The one person who should keep you safe is keeping you prisoner…

Mirabelle’s mother loves her. She’s her “little doll”. She dresses her, she paints her face, she plaits her hair. But as Mirabelle grows, and her body changes, the dresses no longer fit quite as well, the face paint no longer looks quite so pretty. And Mother isn’t happy.
On Mirabelle’s 13th birthday, Mother arrives home with a present – a new sister, 5-year-old Clarabelle whom Mother has saved from “Utopia”.
As it dawns on Mirabelle that there is a new “little doll” in her house, she also realises that her life isn’t what she thought it was. And that dolls often end up on the scrap heap…

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