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Murder on the Darts Board: One Man’s Journey to the Heart of Dartness

By Justin Irwin

Published Jan 2010

Justin Irwin had always wanted to become a sports star. Realising in his mid-thirties that he was old enough to be Wayne Rooney’s father, Justin remembered that in 1987 he’d once hit three treble 20s at darts. If he’d done it before, why couldn’t he do it again?
In Murder on the Darts Board, Justin describes his decision to give up the day job for one last throw at sporting success. Leaving behind his high-flying career as a charity director, Justin gave himself just one year to go from darts beginner to playing in the world championships.
From Hampshire hotels to out of season caravan parks, the dart leagues of London to day trips to Hull, this is the story of a man who learnt a lot about darts, but even more about himself.

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