Jacket for 'Netherworld'


UK - Century / Random House NSM Media - Bulgaria


By Robert Temple

Published Jan 2010

Netherworld reveals to the modern public the real physical location of the ‘hell’ of the ancient Greeks. Known in antiquity as the Oracle of the Dead, this eerie underground site is still intact, Temple being the first to explore and photograph the interior. Tying in with the ancient belief in the Oracle of the Dead, he examines the various mysteries associated with Delphi and the other oracles of the ancient world.

A contrasting understanding of the world can be found in the Chinese oracular system, one which seems increasingly to be a genuine intuition, and something which, even today, we have not fully appreciated. Temple shows how the Chinese approach, culminating in the I Ching (The Book of Change), appears to replicate the geometric structure of all matter, both animate and inanimate. He convincingly explains how the latest developments in science may validate the system of the I Ching.