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UK - Headline
France - Editions 10/18
Germany - Aufbau

Night of the Lightbringer

By Peter Tremayne

Published Jun 2017


Ireland, 671 AD.  On the eve of the pagan feast of Samhain, Brother Eadulf and the warrior, Aidan, discover a man murdered in an unlit pyre in the heart of Cashel.  He has been dressed in the robes of a religieux and killed by the ritualistic ‘three deaths’.

When a strange woman known as Brancheo appears in a raven-feather cloak foretelling of ancient gods returning to exact revenge upon the mortal world, she is quickly branded a suspect.

But in their search for the killer, Sister Fidelma and Eadulf will soon discover a darker shadow looming over the fortress.  For their investigation is linked to a book stolen from the Papal Secret Archives which could destroy the New Faith in the Five Kingdoms…and Fidelma’s own brother, the King, will find himself in mortal danger before the case is unravelled.