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No Escape

By Hilary Norman

Published Jan 2010

Some people find it hard to trust Robin Allebeury, a wealthy lawyer and an expert on marital secrets. Assisted by private investigator Mike Novak and his wife Clare, Allebuery runs and unorthodox sideline, helping troubled wives escape from their abusive marriages.

For some women, help comes too late. Women like Lynne Bolsover, wife and mother of two, whose battered body lies beneath sacking on a Hertfordshire allotment. A victim of a brutish husband, or so it would seem?

And then there are women like Lizzie Piper. A successful cookery writer and mother of three, married to Christopher Wade, Lizzie is regarded as a very lucky woman.

Everyone assumes that Christopher, eminent surgeon, philanthropist and loving father, must head Lizzie’s list of blessings. But no one really knows what goes on inside a marriage. Or what can happen behind closed doors?