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Operation Sea Lion

By Leo McKinstry

Published Jul 2014

In the summer of 1940, most of eastern Europe had been subjugated by the Nazis. Only Britain stood in the way of their complete triumph: Germany now planned a full-scale invasion of Britain; war-code: ‘Operation Sealion’. But as a pre-condition, the RAF had to be wiped from the skies. The failure to win the Battle of Britain led to the indefinite postponement of Sealion, and no invasion of Britain was ever contemplated again.

Operation Sea Lion is a comprehensive, lively study of the six fateful months in mid-1940, beginning with Churchill’s accession to power and culminating in Germany’s abandonment of the attempt to conquer Britain, dealing thoroughly with every aspect of this unique period of crisis, including politics, spying, defences, economics, military technology and strategy.

Using multiple sources and material from the German, American and British archives, much of which has only become available in recent years, this book also draws colourful portraits of many of the leading protagonists in the drama.

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