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Orkney Twilight

By Clare Carson

Published May 2015

The past casts a long shadow…

Sam scanned the hill ridge behind, searching for the brief flare of a match, the warning cry of a crow. Nothing. It must have been the breeze. She was imagining things; Jim had lured the Eatcher out on the seas. Jim had shaken the shadows.

Jim says he’s an undercover policeman.

His daughter Sam thinks he’s a liar.

On holiday in Orkney, beneath an endless midsummer sky, Sam spies on her father as he runs secretive errands across the island. What did he take from the old watchtower on the edge of a cliff? Why is he so interested in Norse mythology? And why does Sam have the eerie feeling that she too is being watched?

When Sam finally discovers the truth, it will draw her into a dangerous world of darkness and deception…

Orkney Twilight is a haunting thriller about fathers, daughters and the ghosts of the past.

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