Jacket for 'Owning Up: The Trilogy'


UK - Penguin

Owning Up: The Trilogy

By George Melly

Published Jan 2010

This single volume includes three famous memoirs – Scouse Mouse, Rum, Bum & Concertina and Owning Up. Scouse Mouse is a funny and frequently touching story of the author’s 1930s childhood in a middle-class Liverpudlian household. Rum, Bum & Concertina, the naval equivalent of wine, women and song, describes Melly’s National Service as one of the most unlikely naval ratings ever. He becomes an anarchist and connoisseur of Surrealist Art while self-educating himself on some of the wilder shores of love. Once demobbed, Melly comes to London to work in an art gallery, and in Owning Up he describes how he slipped into the world of the jazz revival, revelling in an endless round of pubs, clubs, seedy guesthouses and transport caffs while surrounded by a mad array of musicians, tarts, drunks and arch-eccentrics.

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