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Penance of the Damned

By Peter Tremayne

Published Mar 2017

Ireland, 671 AD.

King Colgu of Cashel is shocked when his loyal Chief Bishop and advisor is murdered in the old enemy fortress of the Ui Fidgente.  But as word reaches Cashel that the culprit will be executed under new law, a larger conflict threatens.

Dispatched to investigate, sister Fidel,s and her companion Eadulf discover that the man facing punishment is Gormsn, commander of the king’s bodyguard.  Fidelma cannot believe he could carry out such an act – and yet the evidence is stacked against him.

To save Gorman and keep the peace, Fidelma and Eadulf must find the true culprit.  As the threat of war looms, the date of execution draws ever closer…


Praise for the widely acclaimed Sister Fidelma Mysteries:

Tremayne’s super-sleuth is a vibrant creation, a woman of wit and courage who would stand out in any era, but brings a special sparkle to the wild beauty of medieval Ireland.

Morgan Llywelyn


The background detail is brilliantly defined…wonderfully evocative.

The Times