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Pirate Blunderbeard. Worst. Holiday. Ever.

By Amy Sparkes

Published Jul 2017

Congratulations on being chosen for a secret treasure-hunting mission.  Location: the Island of No Return!


Rumour has it that somewhere on the island is a MASSIVE hoard of treasure, but no one has ever returned to say for sure.  If you can find it, we will come and pick you up.  If not, tough.

See you later. (Although, probably not.)

My stupid brother has tricked me into the worst holiday ever, on the Island of No Return.  I’m stuck here unless I can find the secret treasure stash.  All I have to do is follow this map through a jungle full of pirate-eating creatures (no problem), into a probably haunted cave (not at all scary) and track down the gold that everyone gets lost trying to find (perfect).

My life is ruined.

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