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Plague Wars

By Tom Mangold

Published Jan 2010

Written with Jeff Goldberg.

Biological warfare – the use of deadly bacteria and exotic viruses to destroy, maim, infect or incapacitate the enemy – is now widely acknowledged to be inevitable. In the former Soviet Union the military has perfected smallpox, anthrax and Plague as biological warheads on intercontinental missiles that can reach London, New York and Los Angeles. In South Africa and Zimbabwe, biological weapons have already been used to kill innocent civilians. A millionth of a gram of inhaled anthrax, delivered through a purse-sized atomiser spray, kills one person; a mere kilogram, delivered through an ordinary crop duster, kills an entire city.

Here is a factual account that reads like fiction; a taut investigation behind the headlines which identifies the real Plague Warriors, those behind the new weapons of horror, and the men and women dedicated to defending us against them.