Jacket for 'Pooh and the Philosophers'


UK - Methuen (Egmont Children's Books)
US - Penguin
Germany - Hoffman und Campe
Taiwan - Cite Publishing

Pooh and the Philosophers

By John Tyerman Williams

Published Jan 2010

In this witty and elegant jeu d’esprit John Tyerman Williams sets out to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the whole of Western philosophy – from the cosmologists of ancient Greece to Existentialism in the last century – may be found in Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner. He shows how the Great Bear explains and illuminates the most profound ideas of the great thinkers, from Plato to Hume, Kant and Heidegger. This entertaining and instructive excursion through previously uncharted areas of the world of Pooh will be a delight and a revelation to lovers of the Bear as well as to students of philosophy.