Jacket for 'Quantum of Tweed. The Man With the Nissan Micra'


UK - HarperCollins

Quantum of Tweed. The Man With the Nissan Micra

By Conn Iggulden

Published Feb 2002

Albert Rossi has many talents. He can spot cheap polyester at a hundred paces. He knows the value of a good pair of brogues. He is in fact the person you would have on speed-dial for any tailoring crisis. These skills are essential to a Gentleman’s Outfitter from Eastcote. They are less useful for an international assassin.

When Albert accidentally runs over a pedestrian, he is launched into the murky world of murder-for-hire. Instead of a knock on the door from the police, he receives a phone call from a man who sounds surprisingly like Stephen Hawking. At that very moment, Albert Rossi decides to change careers.

His life is about to get a whole lot more interesting.