Jacket for 'Ralph’s Children'


UK - Severn House
Germany - Lubbe
Poland - Proszynski

Ralph’s Children

By Hilary Norman

Published Jan 2010

Some children play, from early years, with instincts far from pure. Some play their games with the souls of killers. And then they grow up…At Challow Hall Children’s Home, the group of four – abandoned, abused, neglected – had been drawn to each other early on, bonded by their shared experience. When they first start acting out parts from Lord of the Flies, it’s an innocent, childish game. But then one of their teachers joins in – a woman in a position of responsibility and trust – and the game gradually takes on a more sinister edge. Each of the group has his own agenda, his own reasons for wanting vengeance. Together, they will select their victims, and act out their darkest, most primitive urges in a ‘game’ that will have horrifying consequences.