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The Reputation Game

By David Waller

Published Sep 2017

Welcome to The Reputation Game: learn the real rules of engagement and get all the tools to play… and win.


Why did BP almost go under through the Mexico oil disaster? Why can the Mafia operate so successfully without actually having to kill very often? How does Putin have such high approval ratings in Russia and such low ones everywhere else? What’s gossip really for?


This book shows that reputation cannot be owned, or managed by media professionals: it is a gift of trust given by an audience constantly checking and challenging one’s authenticity. It is full of dangers.


To understand how reputation really works, the authors deal with new concepts and ideas such as multiple reputations (think: horrible boss of a very successful organisation, or drunken film star), the distinction between capability and character (banks continue to process our money safely, but bankers may be despised), why some politicians are on a hiding to nothing unless they are brilliant at ‘The Reputation Game’, how a forgiveness or apology culture determines what chances you have to survive disasters; and finally: how you can ‘borrow’ reputation for speedy commercial advantage, and what it takes to have a reputation that lasts.


Calling on animal behaviour, game theory, big business examples from around the world, interviews with major players and thinkers (including Pope Francis) and a decade of new research, this book will change your view of how everything really ticks. And most of all, it gives a practical set of guidelines for playing the most important game in life as well as in business: The Reputation Game.