Jacket for 'S.T.O.R.M. I: The Infinity Code'


UK - Macmillan

S.T.O.R.M. I: The Infinity Code

By Emma Young

Published Jan 2010

Will Knight: Genius inventor, creator of cutting edge gadgets
Andrew Minkel: Software millionaire, founder of STORM
Gaia Carella: Whizz kid chemist with a love of blowing stuff up
Caspian Baraban: Brilliant astrophysicist

Will Knight’s world is falling apart. First his father was killed in action, then his mother fled the country. But a dawn mission to test his latest gadget catches the attention of STORM – a covert organisation. They want Will, and he has nothing left to lose. Then Caspian’s father is abducted and in his lab STORM uncover plans for a deadly weapon. Can they thwart the phenomenal forces about to destroy the world?