Jacket for 'S.T.O.R.M II: The Ghostmaster'


UK - Macmillan
France - Hachette
US - Dial

S.T.O.R.M II: The Ghostmaster

By Emma Young

Published Jan 2010

Two high profile burglaries have hit the headlines in Venice, and CCTV footage sent to STORM shows a strange spectral form at the crime scenes. The thefts are dubbed the work of Il Fantasma – The Ghost – but who is really behind them? When their contact goes missing, STORM head to Venice to investigate. They soon find themselves in deep water, on the trail of an unknown criminal genius who plans to plunge the world into chaos.

Armed with top-spec speedboats, brilliant brains and Will’s cutting edge gadgets, can STORM find the mind behind the mayhem – the sinister Ghostmaster?