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SAS Operations

By James Ladd

Published Jan 2010

This highly successful book has now been completely revised and expanded to bring it right up to date with current SAS operations and takes a glimpse into the future.

The Special Air Service is one of the most highly skilled and effective components of the British Army. Provided here is a welcome insight into the history and unique function of the SAS since its formation. This book traces the variety of special operations from the first raids in the North African desert in World War II to the remarkable achievements in the Falklands’ bleak terrain, the harsh deserts of Iraq and the ethnic confusions of Bosnia – all operations in which these crack troops have shown daring and endurance.

James Ladd describes the innovative and often dangerous techniques that the SAS has developed over the years and shows through numerous examples how the determination and ingenuity of the individual office and trooper is second to none. This detailed narrative vividly records the careful planning and meticulous execution of many of the most spectacular and daring raids ever accomplished.

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