Jacket for 'Sea Robber: The Adventures of Hector Lynch'


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Sea Robber: The Adventures of Hector Lynch

By Tim Severin

Published Jan 2010

This four-part adventure series set in the 17th century follows the fate of the young Hector Lynch as his life takes an unexpected turn, filled with plunder, escape, ransom, love and treasure. In Corsair we meet Hector as he’s captured from the coast of south-west Ireland, and sold into slavery in Algiers where he’s purchased for a gruelling life as a galley slave. In Buccaneer, the oceans have swept Hector to the Caribbean as he must vanquish one pirate and throw his lot in with another. Now, Sea Robber, finds Hector forced into taking part in raids on Pacific Spanish colonies. The passage around Cape Horn is a nightmare and scurvy breaks out onboard – their ship is almost wrecked against the rocky coast. After this turmoil, the Galapagos archipelago is a revelation – tantalizing Hector with flora and fauna beyond his wildest imagination. When the opportunity arises, he decides to throw his lot in with a Captain Eaton, who intends to sail back to Europe through East Asia. But with pirates at sea and hostile natives on land – it’s not going to be easy…