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Secret’s Lies & Locker 62

By Lil Chase

Published May 2013

A funny, sparky story of family life, friendship and loyalty.

‘You are now the most powerful girl in school.’

A new school. A new chance.

This time, Maya will be the popular girl. This is what she tells herself as she steps into her classroom at Mount Selwyn High School. Instead, she is branded ‘tragically uncool’. But then she is assigned Locker 62. Locker 62, where pupils post their deepest darkest secrets: there’s the popular girl who has fallen for the class geek; the pupil who hates her life so much she plans to run away; the girl who has secretly betrayed her friend…

Could the secrets in Maya’s locker be her new chance? A route into the elite set? She lets her uncool but funny friend Frankie, and Zeba, a goth girl who is her only friend at Mount Selwyn, in on the game. But should Maya use the notes to boost her popularity or to help her classmates? And to do it, will she have to leave her old friends behind?