Jacket for 'Seven Sorcerers'


UK - Quercus
Italy - Feltrinelli
Denmark – Forlaget Flachs
Holland – Uitgeverij Abimo
USA - Aladdin Books

Seven Sorcerers

Published Jan 2010

When Nin’s little brother is abducted by Skerridge, the BogeyMan, she’s expecting trouble. Which is just as well because it’s not long before Skerridge comes looking for her. With the help of Jonas, a lost boy, Nin manages the unthinkable and escapes Skerridge’s clutches, finding herself in the beautiful but eerie world of The Drift, all that remains of Faerie after a plague has decimated the land. With Skerridge in hot pursuit, Nin and Jonas must cross this strange world to the Terrible House of Strood, where Toby is waiting for rescue…

Seven Sorcerers is shortlisted for the 2010 Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize.