Jacket for 'Shimmer'


UK - Severn House
Germany - Lubbe
Poland - Proszynski


By Hilary Norman

Published Jan 2010

In Miami Beach, all hell is breaking loose. First, a swimmer makes a gruesome discovery in a rowboat, and soon after the city is rocked by an explosion. When Detective Sam Becket’s sister-in-law Claudia becomes a blackmail victim, Sam wants to help her, but he has a vicious killer to find.

His only lead is Mildred Bleeker, a local character who’s seen a terrifying stranger: a young man, silver from head to toe, shimmering in the night. Cal the Hater learned about pain and humiliation from an expert. Now he’s found a way to make others suffer too, and he’s getting a real taste for it.

Another explosion, another body, Mildred’s in danger, and Claudia’s troubles have landed on Becket’s doorstep – but nothing could prepare them for what Cal has in store. The unthinkable is about to happen…