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Ship of Rome

By John Stack

Published Jan 2010

Atticus, captain of one of the ships of Rome’s small, coastal fleet, is from a Greek fishing family. Septimus, legionary commander, reluctantly ordered aboard ship, is from Rome, born into a traditional army family. It could never be an easy alliance. But the arrival of a hostile fleet, larger, far more skilful and more powerful than any Atticus has encountered before, forces them to act together.

So Atticus, one of Rome’s few experienced sailors, finds himself propelled into the middle of a political struggle that is completely foreign to him. Rome needs to build a navy fast but the obstacles are many; political animosities, legions adamant that they will only use their traditional methods; Roman prejudice even from friends, that all those not born in Rome are inferior citizens.

The enemy are first class, experienced and determined to control the seas. Can Atticus, and the fledgling Roman navy, staffed with inexperienced sailors and unwilling legionaries, outwit and out-fight his opponents?

Ship of Rome, full of magnificent sea battles, packed with strong characters, torn between two powerful empires is the first book in the series, Masters of the Sea, by a brilliant new author.