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Stonehenge.  The Story of a Sacred Landscape

By Francis Pryor

Published Jul 2016

A fascinating account of Stonehenge, by one of Britain’s most distinguished archaeologists.

Stonehenge is as unmistakable as it is enigmatic.  For medieval chroniclers it was the home of the wizard Merlin; for antiquarian John Aubrey it was a place of Druid ceremony.  Constable and Turner painted it.  Today, neopagans flock to worship at it.

But it is archaeologists who have done the most to explain they mystery of the stones.  Francis Pryor draws on the latest research to tell the story of the construction of Stonehenge between 2000 and 1500 BC, a time of significant change in prehistoric Britain.  He sets Stonehenge in its wider cultural context, helping to unlock the secrets of the sacred landscape in which it sits.


Pryor feels the land rather than simply knowing it.