Jacket for 'Such a Perfect Sister'


UK - Orion
Czech Republic - BB Art

Such a Perfect Sister

By Donna Hay

Published Jan 2010

Will Phoebe always live in the shadow of her more glamorous older sister, Alex? Yet another of Phoebe Redmond’s friends is getting married and once again, as bridesmaid, she must suffer the mortification of a taffeta frock that does nothing for her figure. As if she didn’t have enough problems, her job as sous chef at York’s smart Bar Barato is like working in a war zone under the command of a psychopathic chef.

To cap it all, the man she loves is dating someone else, and it happens to be her dazzling sister, Alex. It’s tough. It’s even tougher because Phoebe suspects that Alex isn’t really in love with Luke at all. But Phoebe is not the only one who’s been let down in love. One evening, into Bar Barato walks Will, straight from a wedding – his own, where the bride jilted him at the altar…