Jacket for 'Tell Me No Secrets'


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Tell Me No Secrets

By Julie Corbin

Published Jan 2010

Grace has lived in the same village on the east coast of Scotland her entire life. It’s a small place where everyone knows one another; it is safe and secure and this is just the way Grace likes it. It is also the perfect place for her and her husband, Paul, to bring up their twin girls. And so, despite having to contend with the trials and tribulations of her adolescent daughters and the increasing on-set of Alzheimer’s in her beloved father-in-law, Grace feels that finally, life is good. Until, that is, a telephone call threatens to take away everything she holds dear – her husband, her children, her friends, and even her life. As Grace is about to discover, some secrets can’t remain buried forever. As the cat and mouse games escalate, Grace soon realises that the life she has worked so hard to build is starting to unravel and that the only way she can hope to hold her family together is to face her past head-on. What follows is a gripping psychological thriller by a highly talented debut writer.