Jacket for 'The Assassin'


UK - Open Road

The Assassin

By Evelyn Anthony

Published Jan 2016

A woman swept into a dangerous world of international espionage can trust no one-least of all the assassin she has fallen in love with-in this intricate thriller by master storyteller Evelyn Anthony

When Elizabeth Cameron leaves Rome for the Middle East at her uncle Huntley’s request, she has no idea that she’s about to become a pawn in an international conspiracy that threatens her life and everything she believes America stands for.

Huntley Cameron is a kingmaker. One of the most powerful men in the world, he has a brilliant plan to place a candidate in the White House, which, if successful, could be the greatest political coup the United States has ever seen.

Bruno Keller grew up in abject poverty fighting for survival. Now, he’s a paid assassin who lives by his own code of honor. But his latest assignment comes with an unexpected complication: a beautiful, vulnerable woman.

Hunted by both the CIA and the KGB, Elizabeth and Bruno can trust no one-not even their own countrymen. As the truth about a diabolical conspiracy comes to light, the pieces are in play for an assassination that will have political, religious, and economic reverberations for decades to come.