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The Battle fo the Rhine 1944

By Robin Neillands

Published Jan 2010

The post-Normandy battles as the Allies struggled for seven months to advance from the Seine to the Rhine were never less than complex and controversial. In his account of the 1944 post-Normandy campaign, historian Robin Neillands unpicks events from the media myths that have come to surround them to get to the truth of what really happened. He examines the often difficult relationships between the Allied generals and the nature of Eisenhower’s sometimes uncertain or contradictory strategies led to a fragile relationship with the lofty and arrogant British Field Marshal Montgomery. If Eisenhower had taken his advice, would the Allies have made quicker progress? Could the war in Europe have been won in 1944 if the right strategies had been employed?

With superb battle narratives throughout, and clear analysis of success and failure at every point, the author casts a new and informed light on the long-drawn-out and costly struggle for the Rhine. This book continues the story of the Second World War from the conclusion of Robin Neillands’ previous book The Battle of Normandy 1944, hailed by the Sunday Times as one of the best military histories of its year