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UK - Transworld

The Bear King

By James Wilde

Published Jan 2020


AD 375, and a Dark Age is rising…


As Rome’s legions abandon their forts, chaos grows on the fringes of Britannia.  In the far west, the shattered forces of the House of Pendragon close ranks in order to protect the royal heir – their one beacon of hope.


It is a time of crisis.  The great war leader Lucanus is missing, presumed dead.  And the people are turning away – lured by a False King at the head of an army swollen by barbarians baying for blood.


But one faint hope remains for Lucanus’ band of warrior allies.  Guided by the druid Myrrdin, they go in search of a great treasure – a vessel believed to be a gift from the gods.  With such an artefact in their possession, the people would surely return and rally to their cause?  Success will mean a war unlike any other, a battle between two kings for a legacy that will echo down the centuries.


And should they fall?  Well, then all will be lost…


In The Bear King, James Wilde’s rousing reimagining of how the myth of a king called Arthur came into being reaches its shattering conclusion.