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The Bones of the Hills

By Conn Iggulden

Published Jan 2009

‘I am the land and the bones of the hills. I am the winter.’ Genghis Khan is the powerful leader of a nation united from the tribes and victorious in the long war against the Chin, the Mongolians’ ancient foe. But now trouble arises from another direction. His embassies to the west are rebuffed, his ambassadors killed or mutilated. So Genghis and his armies, led by his brothers and trusted generals, embark on their greatest journey, through present day Tibet, Iran and Iraq and on to the shores of the Mediterranean. Conquering city after city, one empire after another, by battle, by the siege warfare they have learnt from the Chin, by fear and by persuasion, the Mongolian power stretched over the entire region. Genghis Khan conquered a greater empire than any other man. This achievement was made even more extraordinary as during these years, over these campaigns, his sons as well as his brothers were vying for his favour, for the right to lead the most successful of his armies, to bring in the greatest conquests, to achieve the succession. He had already proved himself a great warrior. Now the challenge is to show himself as an outstanding ruler for his people and that rare leader, one who can manage his succession. The Bones of the Hills is the third in the Conqueror series on Genghis Khan. It is a story on an epic scale, with a legendary character at its centre, to both of which Conn Iggulden’s storytelling does full justice.

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