Jacket for 'The Calligrapher'


UK - Fourth Estate
US - Houghton Mifflin
Germany - Lubbe
France - Plon Italy: Mondadori
Spain - Santillana
Lithuania - Alma Littera
Russia - Red Fish

The Calligrapher

By Edward Docx

Published Jan 2010

Jasper is a young man who loves women so much he finds it difficult to restrict himself to only one at a time. But, when one of his regulars discovers that he is playing the field, she dumps him and begins to plot an appropriate revenge.

This clever story is set against Jasper’s profession as a calligrapher and in particular his current major commission, to prepare a special edition of the love poems of John Donne. As Donne’s incandescent poetry illuminates events in Jasper’s life he truly and painfully falls in love for the first time…