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The Canary Keeper

By Clare Carson

Published Jun 2019

It is foolhardy for a woman to wander the riverbank in the unforgiving hour before the dawn.

Especially when a fresh corpse has been dumped there not ten minutes earlier…


London, 1855.  In the grey mist of the early morning, a body is dumped on the Thames shore by a boatman in a metal canoe.  The city is soon alive with talk of a foreign killer and his striking accomplice: a young woman dressed in widow’s weeds.

Birdie Quinn’s sleeplessness led her to the river that morning, but was it only thoughts of her drowned husband that kept her awake?  She has always been wilful, haughty, different…but is she a murderess?

To clear her name, Birdie must retrace the dead man’s footsteps to Orkney and the far north.  A dangerous journey for a woman alone, but one she must make in order to save her neck from the hangman’s noose.

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