Jacket for 'The Citadel'


UK - Picador
Bulgarian - Fama
French - Tusitala
German - Sefa
Greek - Patakis
Hungarian - Konyvmolykepzo Kiado
Italian - RCS Libri
Korean - Minumsa
Portuguese (Brazil) - Livraria Jose Olympio
Russian - Azbooka Atticus
Spain - Palabra
Ukrainian - Apriori

The Citadel

By AJ Cronin

Published Jan 2010


With a new introduction by bestselling author, Adam Kay.

The story by AJ Cronin – himself a doctor – of a young doctor in the Welsh mining valleys in the 1920s. Shocked by the old-fashioned and inadequate medical care in a desperately poor area, he is outspoken in his opinions. He makes enemies. And friends, devoted and strong-minded friends who stand him in good stead when later he finds himself in the very different world of the fashionable, greedy London doctors with their private clinics and rich spoilt patients.

And it is the story of his love and marriage to a local school teacher, their gradual estrangement and reconciliation as he regains the ideals she had never lost.