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The Complete Rainbow Orchid

By Garen Ewing

Published Nov 2012

Welcome to the biggest adventure in comics: a spectacular epic in which adventure, historical drama and legend are seamlessly intertwined.

Meet historical researcher Julius Chancer, and join him on his quest for the mystical Rainbow Orchid – an extraordinary flower steeped in legend. His journey will take him to the lost valleys of India, to the roof of the world, pursued relentlessly by a desperate gang of villains who are determined to stop him.

Will Julius and his friends succeed in finding the mythical flower and stop the dastardly Urkaz Grope from completing his nefarious plans? Find out in this gripping tale by writer and illustrator Garen Ewing.

The Complete Rainbow Orchid collects all three volumes of the story, together with extra pages of fascinating bonus material showing how the adventure was created.

It won the Young People’s Comic Award at the 2013 British Comic Awards.

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