Jacket for 'The Complete Works of George Orwell: Vols 1-20'


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The Complete Works of George Orwell: Vols 1-20

By Peter Davison

Published Jan 2010

Publication of The Complete Works of George Orwell, edited by Dr Peter Davison, is a unique bibliographic event as well as a major step in Orwell scholarship. Meticulous textual research by Davison has revealed that all the current editions of Orwell have been mutilated to a greater or lesser extent. This authoritative edition incorporates in Volumes 1-9 Orwell’s fiction and non-fiction, and in Volumes 10-20 all Orwell’s known essays, poems, plays, letters, journalism, broadcast, and diaries, and also letters by his wife, Eileen, and members of his family. In addition there are very many of the letters in newspapers and magazines of readers’ reactions to Orwell’s articles and reviews. Where the hands of others have intervened, Orwell’s original intentions have been restored.

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