Jacket for 'The Council of the Cursed'


UK - Headline
Netherlands - De Leeskamer

The Council of the Cursed

By Peter Tremayne

Published Jan 2010

It is AD 670, and Bishop and Bishop Leodegar of Autun has called the church leaders from Western Europe together to deal a final crippling blow to the Celtic Church. But a fierce row soon breaks out and the meeting is brought to an abrupt close. Later that evening the body of one of the delegates is discovered, his skull brutally smashed. The council is under threat – but from whom? Sister Fidelma and her faithful companion, Brother Eadulf, have been called to Autun to act as advisors to the Irish delegation but instead they find themselves in the middle of a terrifying murder investigation. Between the autocratic Bishop Leodegar and the malignant abbess, Mother Audofleda, a web of sinister intrigue quickly spreads. The disappearance fo women and children and rumours of a slave trade make it clear that there are malevolent forces at work within the abbey walls. And to catch those responsible, Fidelman and Eadufl must risk their own lives…