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The Crow Garden

By Alison Littlewood

Published Oct 2017


Set a guard upon your soul


‘All physicians face the risk of succumbing to the diseases they battle.  If I would say one thing at the outset, it is guard your mind – or you may not find it again!’


When Nathaniel Kerner takes up his new position as a mad-doctor at Crakethorne Manor, the proprietor, more interested in phrenology and his skulls than his patients’ minds, hands over the care of the entrancing Mrs Harleston.  Her husband accuses her of hysteria and delusions, but she accuses him of a terrible act…

Is the beautiful Mrs Harleston mad – or something far worse?

Ordered by Vita’s belligerent husband to use any measures to return his wife to sanity, the increasingly besotted Nathaniel suggests mesmerism, but the results are unexpected – and shocking…

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