Jacket for 'The Cryptographer'


UK - Bloomsbury
France - Payot et Rivages
Germany - Random House

The Cryptographer

By Tobias Hill

Published Jan 2010

It is the year 2020, two years since they cancelled the dollar, the last exchangeable hard currency, and the Inland Revenue have discovered irregularities in the accounts of John Law, the richest man in the world, the inventor of perfect money, the man known as the Cryptographer. Anna Moore, an inspector at the Revenue, has been put in charge of the investigation. What seems initially a simple piece of accounting evasion gradually emerges as something far more sinister, with far reaching implications. Anna is drawn further and further into the world of John Law and his unbreakable code just as the Cryptographer’s world begins to unravel around him. The Cryptographer is a brilliant vision of the London of tomorrow and an unforgettable story of love, codes and money.