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UK - Mainstream Publishing

The Death of Dylan Thomas

Published Jan 2010

Written with Dr James Noshold.

As Dylan Thomas lay in a New York hospital bed, his wife Caitlin flew to his side. No one had warned her he was dying. Seeing his body lying inert, with a tube attached to his nose and throat, Caitlin went berserk, attacking the Catholic nuns who ran the hospital, tearing their crucifix from the wall and screaming abuse at God before being carried away in a strait-jacket.

Caitlin knew why Dylan Thomas lost the will to live – and she also knew that descriptions of his death made no sense at all. In The Death of Dylan Thomas, Dr James Noshold and George Tremlett retrace the Thomases’ life together and then, in a dramatic reconstruction of Dylan’s last days in New York, establish what really happened. They also examine what happened to Caitlin in Rome and Sicily, what lay behind her anger and why she remained in love with a man who had been dead for 40 years.