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UK - Open Road

The Defector

By Evelyn Anthony

Published Jan 2016

A Davina Graham Thriller

British Intelligence Service agent Davina Graham falls in love with the KGB defector she has been ordered to debrief in this cold war thriller

British operative Davina Graham’s life is her work. Her latest assignment is her most daunting. For the past five months, she’s been trying to gain the confidence of Ivan Sasanov-and against her better judgment, she’s falling in love with him. Sasanov, a top KGB agent who defected to America, has an Achilles heel: He desperately misses the family he left behind in Russia. In exchange for information, his wife and daughter must be brought to England and given asylum. But the KGB is already on to him-he barely escapes an assassination attempt. And now his wife has been arrested. With Sasanov’s daughter, Irina, in imminent danger, Davina knows there’s only one way to save the family of the man she loves.

Shifting between multiple viewpoints, this complex Cold War thriller will keep readers guessing as a diabolical chess game of espionage and intrigue plays out on a global stage. For Sasanov, it means returning to the country he betrayed. For Davina, a vulnerable woman in a place where she is now the hunted, it means risking everything for a future she may not live to see.