Jacket for 'The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare'


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The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare

By Zillah Bethell

Published Sep 2017


Auden Dare has an unusual perspective on life: he cannot see in colour.


And his life is about to get harder. It hardly rains any more, anywhere. Everyone is thirsty all the time, and grubby, and exhausted. His father is away fighting in the war for water, and  Auden has moved with his mother to a new town and a new school, where his only friend is Vivi Rookmini, a smiling girl bright with cleverness.


When his eccentric uncle, Jonah, unexpectedly passes away, Auden and his mother move into his old cottage. The place is in disarray and although Jonah was messy, Auden can’t help but think someone else did this – someone who was looking for something… Jonah was a scientist and once told Auden he was working on something that could cure his condition – could this be what these people are after?


Then Auden and Vivi make an extraordinary discovery. Hidden away at the bottom of Jonah’s garden is an engimatic and ingenious human-like robot, who calls himself Paragon. Apparently built by Jonah – but why? The answer to this will take Auden and Vivi on a thrilling journey of discovery.


The truth is bigger and more wonderful than either of them could have imagined.